Historic winery, pioneer in making rioja fine wines

Founded in Haro in 1882 by Felipe Ugalde, one of the founding members of the Rioja D.O.C.

Bodegas Felipe Ugalde had a keen interest in exports from the beginning, in particular in South America where it had many agents

Our core values:

Respect for our land, it´s essence and traditions. 

D. Felipe Ugalde began his adventure in Haro in 1882 with the foundation of the then called Bodegas Felipe Ugalde, a family estate owned and managed by him and the origin of what Bodegas Ugalde is today. Felipe Ugalde’s dream is still alive today at barely 10 kilometres from Logroño in the area called ‘Venta del Jalón’. Bodegas Ugalde is developed according to the ‘chateaux’ concept with 70 hectares of vineyards surrounding the cellars. This is a privileged location for growing vines as they soils are poor with nutrients and an Atlantic climate which confers our wines with a distinguishing character.


The foundation for everything we embark upon is set off by Bodegas Ugalde’s different Terroirs. They allow us to explore, study, research, and tirelessly seek new wines with which to stimulate your curiosity.  Having terroirs with very different characteristics enables us to make a wide variety of wines, each with its particular seal. We explore terroirs, grape varieties, new blends… Bodegas Ugalde´s vineyards are our fuel to tool to evolve: They awake our curiosity and push us forward into the future.

the wines


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